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We are a team of dedicated professionals that have worked in the healthcare industry for over two decades. Founded by Brian Clark BSN, MSNA, CRNA Finder was first created to help medical facilities find effective anesthesia talent, and to help CRNAs find fulfilling work opportunities. 

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Our Mission

Finding the right certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) job is not always easy. There is a list of criteria each anesthesia provider has that is important to them individually when searching for employment. Here at CRNA Finder we understand that each CRNA has their own requirements and expectations to find fulfillment in their work. Our primary goal is to match certified registered nurse anesthetists with long lasting and fulfilling employment that meet all their expectations. Ultimately we want our employment placements to be a positive experience for both the anesthetist and the employer.

Why Choose Us

We don’t just provide jobs posted by employers on our website. Our team of employment specialists are constantly searching to find CRNAs the best opportunities available. We understand that not every human resources department knows the best places to post CRNA jobs. For this reason we are constantly reaching out to build strong business relationships within the industry so you hear about the best CRNA jobs first here at CRNA Finder.

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Both CRNAs and Facilities are offered custom benefits within their account profiles. CRNAs can upload and organize CVs, license information, and other files to access at any time in the cloud. Facilities gain access to stored facility and post information for easy job listings.

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